Enjoy these amazing training workshops


Workshops #1

Saturday, 1:15-2:30pm

Finding the Will of God

Salon VI - Scott & Diana Miller

How do you know what God’s will is? Scott and Diana Miller share their wisdom and insights for figuring out God’s will.

The Holy Spirit in Everyday Life

Salon VII - John Koeshall

Hear how to be guided by the Spirit in every moment of your life, and how to include the Holy Spirit in your daily life.


Workshops #2

Sunday, 11:00-12:00PM


What is it like to return to your home country? What challenges should you expect to face? Whether you’ve been gone one month or ten years, re-entering can be difficult. Presenters share about re-entry into your region of the world. Find your region and learn what others who lived in the US have experienced when returning to cultures like yours.

American students: go with a friend or where you would like to visit/strategically study abroad.



Sevo Lwali & Kudzai Musumhi (Salon IV)


Dr. Kurnia Foe & Ryota Yogo (Salon I-III)


John Koeshall (Madrid III)


Joe Gordon (Salon VI)

Latin America:

Fabiola Rojas (Madrid II)

Middle East/Muslim World:

Diana Miller (Salon VII)




Salon V: All XA Staff, please attend


Workshops #3

Sunday, 1:15-2:30pm

Fighting in Spirit and Truth

Salon VI - Kudzai Musumhi

There are more spirits than the Holy Spirit—and some of them don’t like you. Learn how to stand strong with God in the face of spiritual adversity.

From Friendship to Leadership: The Three Circles of God’s Mission

Salon VII - Paul York

God has called you, his children, to share his Good News and build his family of worshippers wherever they go. Come learn about the Three Circles of God’s Mission and how to use them wisely!