Four sets of workshops: 10:45AM and 1:00PM Saturday and Sunday.


Saturday  10:45AM


Lisa Chinn

All Attendees

What is it like to return to your home country?  What challenges should you expect to face? Whether you’ve been gone one month or ten years, re-entering your home culture can be difficult. Lisa Chen will share what every student faces when the time comes for their re-entry!


Saturday  1:00PM

Region-specific Workshops.

Presenters share about re-entry into your region of the world. Find your region, and learn what others who have returned from the US have experienced when returning to cultures like yours! American students, go with a friend or to a region you would like to visit/strategic study abroad.


Sevo Lwali
St. Moritz

Asia Pacific

Ryota Yogo
Alpine 1


Dharhas Pothina
Alpine 2



John Koeshall 

Latin America

Fabiola Rojas  

Northern Asia

Chris Moyer


Sunday 10:45AM

Legacy of Discipleship

Paul York
St. Moritz

Christ’s final command to His people was to make disciples. Paul York teaches about the legacy each of you has inherited and each of you can create through discipleship.

Legacy of Prayer

Gary and Susan Martindale 
St. Moritz/Bern

As James wrote in his letter, prayer can accomplish many things. Jesus prayed for you the night before His execution. You have benefitted from the prayers of thousands of people. What legacy do you create with your own prayer?

Friendship to Leadership Legacy

Sevo Lwali
Alpine 1

All XA Staff


Sunday 1:00pm

Heritage of Theology

Christopher Gornold-Smith

Africa has been hugely instrumental in our understanding of who God is. From the Trinity to Jesus’ own Personhood, Africa has majorly influenced Christian theology. How will you work with God to stand for what so many previous generations have sacrificed and even died for? Will you pass on what has been passed down to you?

Power of Christian Legacy

Johan Mostert
St. Moritz/Bern

The disciples of Jesus Christ have helped shape the world as we know it. Johan Mostert reviews many of the ways Christianity has impacted society and history, and the part you can play in creating tomorrow.


Dale Crall
Alpine 1

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, he promised his disciples that he would send them the gift of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The same gift is available for believers today. Through the baptism in the Holy Spirit, believers are given power to be witnesses for Jesus to their world.