Need To Know:

Q: What time should I arrive/depart?

Registration opens at 3pm on May 22nd, with the first session beginning at 7pm. Events run through late Sunday night; plan to depart Monday morning (May 25th) with an 11am checkout time.

More information coming soon on the “Schedule” tab under “Conference Details.”

Q: What clothing should I bring?

Bring cultural attire for the Celebration Party on the final night! This can include any appropriate clothing from your culture that you would like to share.

Daily dress code is casual. Dress appropriately and comfortably. The hotel is sometimes cold due to air-conditioning, so take that into account when packing.

You may also want to bring comfortable/active clothing for the excursions time.

If you’re interested in taking part in the baptism ceremony, please bring the necessary clothing for that (swimwear and a t-shirt you don’t mind getting wet). If you decide to participate while at the conference, you may still be baptized in your clothing.

Q: Are there transportation shuttles?

Yes. Guests who need airport shuttle service should call the hotel front desk (918) 307-2600 when they land. The hotel will send a shuttle for their pick up or inform them if they already have a shuttle there. The shuttle hours are typically 7:00am-10:00pm. They will do pick-ups in the baggage claim area.

Q: Is childcare provided?

Yes! You do need to register any children. During both morning and evening sessions, there is an XAMK program (Chi Alpha Missionary Kids program). The program is much more than just childcare—your kids will be part of their own service, as well as talent show, movie night, and optional day field trip.

Q: Are there dietary accommodations?

Yes. The online registration form has a place to make note of your dietary restrictions.